Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Boobies

Today Mom will be having her double mastectomy. Currently we are at the MD Anderson Cancer center waiting for her surgery. Although we are glad she doesn't have to wait allll day for surgery to start (thus being starving all day)... waking up at 3:45am to get ready to be here by 5:15am is tiring! But we are so glad to be here, to be taking this step, to be moving forward.

Mom is all checked in. Her and Dad are currently in the back getting ready for surgery, with iv's, cute hospital gowns and all the trimmings. I am staked out in the waiting room holding our "good seats". Although it's sad to some, we've figured out the system. We know how to get the good seats in the waiting room, the best place to sit, and we know not to leave our good seats once we get them! So we will play the switching game all day. One will stay with the stuff, one will do what needs to be done. All until Mom is out of surgery.

So your prayers are needed as she goes into surgery around 7am central time. We pray for the doctors, nurses, techs, and everyone else she will encounter today will be on top of their game. Praying for her comfort. Praying for her anxiety. Praying for recovery.

Praying for Dad, and his anxiety. He has seen my Mom go through a lot in the last year, A LOT. But it's still hard to watch your soul mate, the person who makes you who you are go under surgery again. And yeah... he is probably sad about the boobies too. :) But don't worry there will be replacements.

So farewell to the Ta-Tas. Thanks for visiting, for being Moms companions for the last 40 some years. For feeding her 5 kids. For being there through thick and thin. But now you are too much of a risk and libaility. We will take the fake ones over the ones that could cause cancer again. Ta-Ta to the Ta-Tas. Bye Bye to the Boobies. Farewell Ladies. Coming soon to a Kim near you.... the new girls in town.