Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keep on Moving UP!

So today is Saturday. In some ways this week seems like a year, and in others it has flown by.
Mom is still at the hospital. It looks like she will probably get discharged on Monday. Right now we are doing a wonderful balancing act of switching spots at the hospital, with the boys, and other things that need to get done. It's like ... well orchestrated chaos. There are small things that we having been missing like... buying toilet paper. But don't worry everyone we finally got it yesterday, we are good to go! I think the boys have been having fun on their spring break. We (Carl and I) took them to NASA yesterday. They got to see mission control, where the astronauts train for their missions, how they learn to get around. Plus we went to "Missile" Park. Joseph wants you all to know that we saw "Saturn V" Which is the Rocket ship that helped out with a lot of the Apollo Missions. He thought it was HUGE! They got to eat space ice cream, and get a picture that made them look like they were floating in space.
The boys also got to go see Mom for the first time yesterday. They got to see her twice which was nice. In the morning I think they were a little more scared, but when we came back in the afternoon they were much more comfortable. Joseph thinks that her "zipper" (scar with staples) was the weirdest part. He says that the best part about seeing Mom was being able to give Mom hugs and kisses. (Joseph is sitting here as I type this spell checking for me haha).
Mom was able to sit up in a chair for a while yesterday, and took a couple of walks around her floor at the hospital. She was also finally able to pee on her own which is an answer to prayer. When we came back in the afternoon we were able to meet with her Dr. who had been out of town for a few days. She thought Mom looked great and was doing really well, which was encouraging. They haven't decided a for sure date for Chemo to start, but it looks like two weeks from Monday. It all depends on her recovery from the Surgery. So right now our focus is on getting her better. Last night when we left they were talking about letting her start to eat some solids, which would hopefully bring back a lot of her strength. Today they were probably going to take her off of her pain pump and work on controlling her pain through pills so that they can get it managed before she goes home.
So I think that is all there is to update. We really appreciate all of your prayers. We can definitely feel them.

Joseph wants you to know that he and Jacob have been good about sending Mom cards and gifts when they weren't able to visit her. They even sent her emails that Dad read to her. Yesterday they brought her gifts from the Space Center. They are sweet boys.

Joseph want to type something to everyone. (Remember he is 6 so please excuse spelling or grammatical errors... who am I kidding he spells better than me)

Mom is doing well. She will be better in 7 months. She will look a little like Dad for awhile so we will have to find her hats.

(none of that was dictated, he typed it, and thought it)

We hope everyone has a great Saturday, we will check in with you all soon.


  1. Joseph and Jacob, you boys are taking good care of your mom. I am sure she is very happy that you are coming to visit her. I know she really loves the hugs and kisses. I bet the Space Center was a lot of fun. I want to go there myself one day. Do they let adults have space ice cream?

    Caitie, thanks for the info. I anxiously await every post.

  2. Thanks for the update... Actually just got off the phone with you and was so glad to hear your voice sounding very strong. I love Joe's update but I'm thinking you look less like a hat person and more of dew-rag type!! What do ya think?


  3. So glad to hear of the progress that is being made. I have a feeling that J&J will keep everyone in the here and now...

    Love, T.

  4. Praise God for ALL (seen and unseen) that He is doing! We are happy to hear that the mood and recovery is on an upswing. "With God, all things are possible."