Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Round 2... Week 1.. .DONE!

Mom has successfully finished round 2... week 1! Every three weeks she completes a round, so if you are counting weeks and not rounds it would be completion of week 4. Only 14 weeks to go! (or 4 rounds and 2 weeks... confused yet?)

The great thing about completing this week is that they have successfully put all the drugs they will be using on board. We had to wait until the start of Round 2 for them to add the final drug. Very excited to see how this all turns out, how she handles all the medicines being on board.

In other news, her blood levels were good this week, and she is still feeling pretty well. Thursdays are pretty much her rough days, but considering all she is going through, that is amazing!!

We are continually blessed by everyone's prayers, those bringing meals, and in general just helping my family out in any way possible. Words cannot describe how thankful we are. It's hard for me to be up here, and not be helping, but I am at peace by the amount of people who are willing to be there and help my family out. So thank you.

And since I was a slacker on updating this blog in the past two weeks... I will attach some photos of my trip to Houston to see Mom.

(Oh and for those of you wondering... she still has her hair!)

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