Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long Time, Sorry

So I apologize that it has been a while since you all have gotten an update on Mom. I left for Cleveland on Friday April 2nd with mixed feelings about coming back. It's hard to not be there for her, I struggle each day with wanting to be down there, but knowing God needs me up here as well.

On Monday Mom went back to meet with the doctor and get her staples out (the zipper is less.. zipperish). Everything looked good for that incision, and they took the staples out. The doctor thinks she is doing great in her recovery. Each day gets a little better. The biggest news we received from this appointment is that they won't be able to start the IP (port, directly into the abdomen) Chemo this month. That wound is still healing, and hasn't healed enough for them to feel comfortable starting that, so for the next month they will do wound care, and hopefully when she starts Cycle 2, it will be good to go. The doctor didn't seem too worried that we weren't starting it on the first one. They have make it pretty clear that most women don't make it through all the cycles on IP chemo anyway, so starting it in the second cycle isn't going to be a very big deal. Their thought process is that every cycle they get in with it is a bonus to her treatment. So we are praying that it heals, and that it stops causing mom so much pain. (The port itself is causing pain.)

She will begin her IV chemo on Monday (April 12, happy birthday Miah! ;) ). She will NOT have to stay at the hostpital this first time because they won't be doing the IP chemo, so they can do the IV chemo in 6 hrs instead of 24. She will loose her hair before cycle two ever starts. I think it's kind of a blessing that they don't start IP until next time, because hopefully it will kind of ease her into the Chemo, vs. going full force the first time. She won't have any day 8 treatments this cycle because of the no IP. So really just day 1 with the 6 hr drip, and then nothing until after day 21. Around May 3rd is when the next cycle will start.

For those of you who have been wondering what you can do... PRAY! Of course our biggest request will always be prayer. I can honestly tell you that we have seen the power of prayer over and over already in this journey. There have been so many small blessings, so many things that we have prayed for that have been answered. Our God is awesome! Other than that, in talking to Mom and Dad about what their needs are, I think at this time it is just mostly Food. We are trying to get good cooked meals in the house so that mom will feel like eating, and keep her strength up. So right now I am trying to put together a list of people who may be able to bring a meal once a week. We don't want to burden anyone so at this point they are just looking for 1 meal a week, on Monday nights. IF you are interested in helping out in this way, please email me. caitlinfrance at gmail dot com . I have to type it that way so I don't get spam mail, so please put it all together in the correct way. :)

Current Prayer Requests:
That my Mom continues to get her strength back, is able to walk around more, and doesn't feel so tired all the time.
My Brother and Sister-In Law are expecting their first baby (Mom's first grandbaby) on April 18th, so prayer for Lindsay in these last weeks and that the delivery is relatively easy, and that we gets lots of pictures quickly after. Ok ok that last part is a selfish request. :)
That my sister (also pregnant, due in July) will be able to keep her strength up as she is in Houston helping out Mom. And that her Husband survives in Missouri without her.
For my little baby bros, that they have patience, but also just enjoy having all the people around. Prayer for them as they try to understand this all at such a young age.
Prayer for my Dad as he balances work, home, helping mom, people in and out of town, and all of that Chaos!
Prayer for my Grandma who has been in Houston with my family since before my moms surgery, I know she was a huge help even just to ME when I was there. I pray her strength and energy stays up. As well as when the Grandmas switch and she goes home and Grandma M comes into town.
Of course we always are praying for those who are coming in and out of town to help. We appreciate all of the support you all are giving.

We could never face this battle alone, thanks be to God who is in control. His strength is our strength, His will will be done. Our Faith is in Him. Through all of this, if anything, it is strengthening our faith, and witness in Him.

Again, please email me or leave a comment if you would like to get in on the meal schedule. Thanks!!


  1. I would like to be a part of the meal schedule. On my specialty menu (Kim, I think you'll love it): Tortilla de patatas, paella, Sangria, and lots of jamon. I'll go ahead and start looking into the best way to send prepared meals internationally; I'm thinking a big boat.

    But seriously. I love you all, I think about you constantly (let's be honest, I did that anyway before all this chaos started), and prayers are going up from Spain! I miss you, France family--lots and lots! Mama Kim, you are beautiful and doing so great! :-)

  2. Hi Kim,
    I wanted to let you know that we prayed for you in the service at SPC this morning and will be praying for you tomorrow. Lots of love,