Monday, April 19, 2010

New Information and Change of Plans!

Once again I apologize for my delinquency. I am trying to figure out a good schedule to update this, and when I feel like I have enough information to update this.

So last week they were unable to start the chemo because of Mom's white blood cell counts. Later in the week they gave her a call and asked her if she would be interested in doing a trail Chemo therapy that they are just starting to use on Ovarian Cancer patients. (There are going to be a lot of facts I am missing on what this means, but I will do my best). After they talked with the doctors about it, Mom and Dad decided that this new routine, with the new drug is the way they wanted to go with her treatment. What this means is instead of being on two different Chemo drugs, she will be on three. Sadly they will not be using her port for any of these drugs though. The other big change by going this way is that she will get Chemo EVERY Monday for the 18 weeks of treatment. They are not going to do anything with the port, but if they get into this treatment plan and decide it's not working, or they don't like how it is working, then we will revert back to our original plan and do IV and port. For now all her drugs will come through IV.

I don't know too much about each specific drug that she will be one. I know one of the original two is one that kills fast growing cells (i.e. why you lose hair, it's one of the fastest growing cells in our body). I am not exactly sure what the other original drug does. But I know this new study drug is supposed to stop blood flow to the cancer cells. It blocks new vascular blood supply from being created. The thing with cancer is... it needs lots of blood, lots of energy to grow. So if we can stop it from getting blood supply... then it can't grow. The hope with this new drug is that it actually keeps the Cancer in remission, eliminates the ability for it to reproduce more tumors. (I hope that kind of made sense)

To take place in this study they needed to do a few more tests before they start her Chemo, so they again will NOT be starting today (Monday, April 19th) but instead next Monday April 26th.

When we look at these circumstances, it is so interesting to see God's work in play. If Mom had started her Chemo last week, she would have been ineligible for this Study. So... in a way we can be thankful for the tests being off. I am also excited to see how this all plays out, and proud to know that my Mom is advancing the study and treatment of this type of Cancer.

Another great thing is... because she didn't start Chemo last week, and then had to delay the start of the chemo again this week... She was able to fly out and meet her new Grandbaby!! God really does work in mysteriously awesome ways. Miah and Lindsay were admitted to the hospital on Thursday (Tax Day) and they gave birth to a healthy, chubby baby boy on April 16th! (Noah Stephen France, 9lbs, 21 inches). On Friday Dad talked Mom into flying out there to meet him, since this will be the last time she could travel because of Chemo. Although she is still recovering from surgery and is still very tired, she decided to go. What a great thing!! I was so excited for her.

Dad with Noah... still wait for pics of Mom with him.

Anyway, there is your updated. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them. Or leave a special note for Grandma Kim! :)

Reminder: Chemo start date: April 26th.


  1. Congrats, Everybody! He looks like a handsome boy!!

    Love, T.

  2. We continue to pray for you every day! Congrats on the new addition to your family, what a cutie!

  3. Kim...we are Grannies together!! I am glad you got to go see your new baby! Love you!