Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Today, Better Luck Next Time...

Well, Mom went to her appointment, did the gamut of tests they wanted... and they decided they won't start Chemo this week. It's disappointing, but I believe one of the Dr.'s first conversations with us about all of this was basically to say..."Expect the unexpected". Her blood culture was borderline and they didn't want her to take the risk, so they are putting off starting until next Monday.

I think Mom is pretty disappointed... just ready to get this first one over with. But it is not meant to be, and we pray that her blood levels are more in line next week. We obviously would much rather her be healthier going into this, than getting sick with no immune system and being stuck in the hospital for it.

Keep the prayers up! Keep praying for her continued recovery, and for whatever infection may be throwing off her blood culture to go away!

Thanks for the Prayers! Until next week!!


  1. Well that's so disappointing! You put on your armor, ready to do battle and the colonel says, "just kidding". Have they offered cell boosters such as Neulasta and Procrit? I know there's some concern in the medical community about the side effects of these drugs. However, I could not have gone through chemo without them.

    Sans shots, eat lots of green veggies and food high in iron. I'm assuming it's your hemoglobin/red blood cells that's low. It's hard for the body to recover after blood loss - even with transfusions.

    Hang in there, get lots of rest, and you'll get your turn in that chemo clinic soon enough. Love, T.

  2. Kim, I am praying God will prepare your body to be able to begin your treatments. I know His timing is always perfect, but He may move a little faster with a few nudges from us, huh? :) Love you much! Cindy